Reaching, Serving, and Empowering
our Shared Community of Rogers Park


Our Mission

C24/7 is a non-profit organization dedicated, through the power of Jesus Christ, to improving the lives of children and young adults in the North of Howard neighborhood by providing the necessary tools, security and environment for them to thrive economically, socially and spiritually. 

Our Vision

To provide hope and a path to resurrection to the children and other citizens of impoverished communities.


C24/7 By The Numbers

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Ensuring no child falls through the cracks


The C24/7 After-school Program provides opportunities for elementary students who are forgotten or ignored by other local programs to learn, grow, and thrive in and out of the classroom. We build relationships with students and their families, serve their immediate needs in the form of food, childcare, clothes, and supplies, then walk with them on their way to becoming empowered individuals.

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Each program day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) our students are picked up by James Crockett, Executive Director, and walked to the Jonquil Hotel Learning Center. During the 3 hour program (3:15pm-6:30pm) the students have set time for snacks, homework help, playtime, dinner, Bible Study and a time of personal sharing of their days.

Our daily schedule:
3:30-4:00- Snack and Bible Study
4:00-4:30- Play time
4:30-5:15- Homework Time
5:15-6:00- Dinner
6:00-6:30- Clean up

We structure our program on Biblical Principles because we desire our students to grow spiritually.  Our greatest hope is that they leave our program knowing they have a greater purpose and higher calling on their life than what this world offers.

We also desire each of our children to grow educationally through tutoring and homework help. Our volunteers are dedicated to building relationships with our boys in order to know their unique qualities, strengths and weaknesses. We are also working in collaboration with Gale Elementary School (our neighborhood CPS) in order to provide the best holistic approach to meeting our children's educational needs.

Finally, we desire for our boys and girls to have a healthy, well balanced meal each program day. Many of our students come from low-income housing and may not receive the proper nutrients at home. Meal time is also a very valued time because we use it as a platform for everyone to share how their days went and be heard by everyone else in the program. For some, this is the one time during their day they feel understood and cared for and can openly express their feelings.

Summer program: Thanks to the generosity of families, churches and foundations, C24/7 was able to offer our 1st summer program this year! Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we met to play games, eat lunch, discuss our Bible lesson and engage in reading activities.

Ensuring no individual goes without purpose


Most of our students have spent time in prison, a gang, or both, and face a severe lack of opportunity. C24/7's Job Development Program, called Dreams, Visions, Work, provides spiritual support and job training in order to connect men and women to work that taps into their unique skills and God-given purpose. We do this through building relationships with local businesses, teaching a proven, faith-based curriculum, and walking each step of the way with our students.



We do this through our 2 week training course that studies the "Work Life" curriculum. "Work Life" is made up of 19 units that covers a variety of topics including; God's purposes of work, resume writing, interview training, professional conduct for the work place and the importance of education.

The most vital step in this process is the connections we make with employers. After our participants complete the course, we will connect them with our partnering employers for a full time, living-wage job. We desire for each man and woman who is dedicated to this process to find a job that truly aligns with their unique goals. In this, it is important that the relationship between employer and employee is built on a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect. C24/7 will provide the opportunities and space for those relationships to flourish.

Ensuring the community feels cared for, supported, and empowered


Because we live and spend so much time in the community, we are always aware of the needs of our neighbors. Most services and programs in our community don't get to know the individuals they are serving, and fewer put the time in to build those valuable relationships. From strong relationships comes strong change. We provide weekly men's and women's Bible studies, communal open gym time, one-on-one counseling sessions, and street ministry to help our neighbors in the midst of gang activity, violence, drug use, and more. Ultimately we work to make sure each person knows they are loved and embraced by the arms of a loving father.




This weekly meeting serves as an entry point for many into the C24/7 community. James and Natalie Crockett lead groups in searching for where God is working in their lives, the neighborhood, and the world.


Every Saturday afternoon, our Executive Director and volunteers flock to the Willye B. White Fieldhouse to spend time with guys in the neighborhood, playing basketball. We get some exercise and build stronger relationships.


Our organization was born out of James Crockett's call to share life with people in the neighborhood who are in a hard spot: people who spend time in and out of gang activity, violence, and drug use. This call continues, as we dedicate a significant amount of time walking with members of our community who can't afford to be forgotten.


When you live life in deep community, all sorts of needs arise. On a daily basis we work one-on-one with individuals and families to sort out the spiritual, mental, and emotional needs created by the unjust systems and broken relationships we face.

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How can I help C24/7?

  • Pray

  • Attend Open Gym on Saturday afternoons

  • Financial donations

  • Connect us with employers that are willing to partner with our job development program

  • Join us for men's and women's Bible Studies (Sunday and Thursday evenings)

  • In kind donations: snacks, school supplies, juice boxes, cleaning supplies, paper cups/plates, office supplies

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are vital to the work we do in bringing hope to our community. Relationships create a sense of joy, purpose and fulfillment. You are needed here!

After School Program Opportunities:
-Tutor (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4:30-5:15)
-Cook/bring a meal (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Dinner is served at 5:15)
-Email: in order to sign up for a time slot

Jr. Board Serving Opportunities:
Our Jr. Board is made up of middle and high school students in surrounding neighborhoods that are seeking to build relationships with the students in C24/7. We meet one time a month and also host food drives, warm clothing drive, organize parties and volunteer at program. This is a great way to get your student involved in expanding their relationships and understanding other cultures and backgrounds. Email for more information.

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