Community Outreach

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Men's and women's bible study

This weekly meeting serves as an entry point for many into the C24/7 community. James and Natalie Crockett lead groups in searching for where God is working in their lives, the neighborhood, and the world.

open gym

Every Saturday afternoon, our Executive Director and volunteers flock to the Willye B. White Fieldhouse to spend time with guys in the neighborhood, playing basketball. We get some exercise and build stronger relationships.


Street ministry

Our organization was born out of James Crockett's call to share life with people in the neighborhood who are in a hard spot: people who spend time in and out of gang activity, violence, and drug use. This call continues, as we dedicate a significant amount of time walking with members of our community who can't afford to be forgotten.

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spiritual, mental, and emotional support

When you live life in deep community, all sorts of needs arise. On a daily basis we work one-on-one with individuals and families to sort out the spiritual, mental, and emotional needs created by the unjust systems and broken relationships we face.