One move to change the community

C24/7 has grown quickly. From our grassroots origins we now stand at a crossroads of great need and even greater  opportunity. Our programs have wait-lists because we do not have the space to admit more children and job-seekers. Our
neighborhood has as many struggles as it has ever had. Our constituents have taken the first steps toward empowerment, but need much more support.


Our belief in a God of parent-like love compels us to take the next step as an organization and more fully reach, serve, and empower the North of Howard community of Rogers Park. Purchasing a building will allow us to do exactly that. The
opportunity exists for profound, long-lasting improvement in the structures, systems, and people of our community. We believe by increasing our space, presence in the community, and collaboration with partners through the purchase of
a new building we can help bring the improvement our community is desperately looking for.

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The Impact of a New Building

  • 9,000 sq. feet of space for comprehensive job development, After-school, and community engagement programs
  • 100% increase in After-school attendance
  • 3+ new programs to be offered
  • 2 floors of safe, welcoming space for the community

Why This Building?

Our new building sits at 1557 West Howard street. This is an ideal and central location, offering 4,500 square feet of space to expand our programs. With this space we can double the size of our Afterschool Program. Our Job Development Program will expand to provide  entrepreneurship consulting, personal financial planning, and more extensive community engagement.