Unite Chicago: Back to School Prayer

Living God
Paint us a new Chicagoland
As School Starts
Restart Our Hearts
Once More
Or Maybe for
The first time in a long time.

Move us towards those who need us the most
And seek us the least
And those who can only begin to believe in
And ourselves, who need you just the same.

God we have gun violence on one block
Segregation on another
Desperation forecasted for weather
We can’t push each other away
Don't let us wait

Restart us today.

Unifying God
Our hearts are broken, depleted and sad
Our thoughts are muted, yet mad
At a system that can’t understand
That won’t understand
The pain that we feel when we feel like expressing
Emotions which make us inept at confessing

God, we can only believe
In a Love that sets us free
Free us from..Us

God we are your children
God these are your children
And not one is missin’ in
Our hearts of inclusion
Rid us of delusion
Guide us to completion of your kingdom mission
Of   [   Add your own suggestions    ]

Oh God where are you now?
Show us, oh teach us how
To begin a year with chaos, let’s face it
We try to erase it
But need to embrace it
That what makes us fight
Makes us strong
And what makes us strong
Makes us human
And what makes us human, binds us together

Bound together may we.. Seek Love
And may we.. Be Love
And may we.. Spread Love
Because God you are Love
And we can’t accept
Much less than the best
Of.. [   Add your own suggestions   ]
Lord help us take care of our own, in Chicago, our home

As your Spirit moves us
Give us health to focus
Less on woes that surround us,
Opportunity abounds us
Help us find our calling,
We’re tired of calling in sick
And by the way
May we learn something.
Really learn something.
Something that grips us.
Shakes us.
Makes us breath funny.
As a matter of fact, forget breathing.
Steal our breath.
Give us passion for fashioning
Achievements out of action
Don't let us be passive
And let our past actions pass by us.
Remind us instead
Of the words that we’ve read
And give us tools to use them.

Where we end up, is what concerns us now.
That goal of becoming
Much more
Than that which we once were.

We’re here now.
God, be here now.

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